I love this article! It does a nice little dive into questioning how math is categorized and defined. It gives a great jumping off point into the decisions that might be made while presenting math and in any other categorical activity all while being accessible! The structure of conversation and pictures really helps with understanding what is going on. I look forward to what you post in the future!

I noticed a couple of typos if you want to fix them:

"You will see in later these articles that the question about squares and rectangles some some elements in common with a question about humans and animals." The word 'some' is written twice and there needs to be a 'has' after rectangles.

"Glagalbagal: That is for you to figure out. Before that, let we introduce you to..." The word 'we' doesn't make sense here.

"Fliba: I remember learning about those but I forgot. Can you tell me that those are?" The word 'that' should be 'what' instead.

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